Zarthrae Orlyth

Young noble of the Orlyth household.

Crafty and skilled in both negotiations and healing Zarthrae was always considered the more talented of the two sisters of the House of Orlyth.

Minarith her older sister is currently in training for succession into the active seat of power for the house. Her overly strong and aggressive nature does not mix well with the more tactiful ways of Zarthrae.

Zarthrae feels her sisters ways will be her demise and wishes to distance herself from the family during this time of growth and Learning.

Childhood friends with Vallin Barrendar were formed during the early negotiations by Zarthrae mother to bring some higher standards to the banking House Barrendar. This effort failed when House Barrendar refused to limit services to non drow as well as questionable political factions. Offering instead equal services to all customers.

Zarthrae strong disagreement with her sister over the ongoing push to get banking under political control. Her refusal to work within her contacts in the Barrendar house via Vallin has lead to her decision to leave Zeb’hreth.

Constantly Shadowed by her family appointed body guard Craton

Female / Drow / Cleric

Zarthrae Orlyth

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