Vallin Barrendar

Vallin has been troubled from a very young age. Cursed or blessed to be one of the rare males to hear the whispers of Lolth. As a child most thought him a liar at best, stark mad at worst.

Born of a house all but untouched by divine blessings of the Demon Queen it was unthinkable that a male would receive her blessings when the females received no such favor. The matrons of the household sought to scourge the madness and lies from him with pain and torture. The fires and lashes only steeled his resolve.

He grew up under their constant lashes and scorn, his skin and soul growing hard and numb. Were it not for the constant comfort of his older brother Dow’sin Drom Barrindar and the reckless twisted humor of his brothers friend J’neh ‘Jonah’ Hex he would likely faltered or gone truly mad long ago.

Still despite the support of his brother the years took a heavy toll. The predations of one Matron Mother in particular savaged his spirit. Her bitter contempt of him was well known and seemingly without limit.

House Barrindar was an in a tentative position at best. To be a house of commerce amongst the Drow granted a potent social position but that was all. While the society saw their value it was commonly held that Lolth viewed them as a necessity of limited merit. Very few females had herd the call to be her clerics, limiting the houses power in circles of governance.

To have a male claiming to hear her calling was too much for Matron Nathraema-e. She made it her goal to break Vallin for his impudence. No Male could have heeded the call of Lolth that she has herself had been denied. Her spite was brutal and with out relent, likely she would have broken even Vallin’s iron resolve had she not made one tragic error. Bitter for being denied the divine gifts, she felt entitled to more than her rightful share of the house’s wealth.

It was one thing to be a Drow in a house of bankers; it was another to be thieving Drow in same said house. Loth’s tolerance of Nathraema-e ended and Vallin heard the whispers he had so longed for “You may kill this one!” The following slaughter removed all doubt he was favored by Lolth as divine blasts seared the flesh from the matron’s bones and unnatural speed cut her frantic attempt at escape brutally short!

His indoctrination to the path of the Avenger was complete. In the following nights he scourged the house of all who had lost Lolth’s favor. Some suspect a few may have been more of his own choosing than hers however, simply granted to him by his demon queen as a gift, after all what is one less banker.

Still since the clarity of that purge his path has been far less clear. The whispers of his queen have quieted. He now is unsure if it is always her voice and not his own in her tones that creep into his mind. Having cleansed his house he now finds himself with out purpose.

His only focus now being the affections of the Drow cleric Zarthrae Orlyth He has since become her consort by default, as all others have stopped competing or vanished all together. He now often relies on her to guide him in Lolth’s will, as he has trouble hiding contempt for any Drow female not blessed with his queen’s divine arts.

She to has been tarnished by her association with this cold implement of wrath and has been shunned by her house as well of late.

The two now are left to travel now with her Goliath guard Craton, his brother Dow’sin and his brother’s heterosexual life partner J’neh.

Yet despite the trials of his past there is still an honor of sorts with in Vallin, if hard to spot under his bellicose exterior. He fights with out restraint and with a passion of purpose many envy and most fear.

Male / Drow / Avenger

Vallin Barrendar

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