Upper Charholme

Upper Charholme is home to the city officials build new in the last 15 years. Upper charholme resembles all the feel and outfitting of a proper Drow city in minature. Housing the top ranking military officers as well as the wizards and respected healers. Great store rooms were dug deep in the rock at the one end of upper Charholme now filled with the light sensitive magic weapons of the Drow. No shops or inns occupy this area.

A large polished stone building fitted with gems and crystals stands dominate at the center back as you come up the lift from lower Charholme

Although more for show than for need, two of the largest Goliaths stand guard outside the Onyx laced doors. Blue crystals reflect the low light down and along the ground of the structure giving a look as though the building was growing out of the ground itself. Tall spires adorn most of the buildings in this area. Fine metal work as well as rot iron adorn most the entry’s.

Fresh cool air piped in from the sea side of the mountain fills the cavern with the fresh salty scents of life. Clear water flows over a rock statue of Lolth flowing out of the catch pool and into a small creek lined with black marble and obsidian that wanders though the upper area.

The whole area gives the feeling of both power and never ending time.

Upper Charholme

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