Outer Charholme

Outer Charholme is not much more than a narrow strip of land running north and south along the base of the mountain. This land is mostly used for the shipping of ores and supplies to the human towns to the far north.

Bordered on the West by the Raspian Sea and to the south ending at the Lochise River it is less than half a mile wide and only a little over a mile long. The Charholme Cliffs to the north form the start of the Bastion Range. The Bastion Stair wanders its deadly trail over the Charholme Cliffs and into Bastion range and on to the human lands to the far north.

The great docks of Outer Charholme have room to support the large merchant ships as well as freighters. The bluffs of the cove offer semi-protected mooring of the great ships as well as access to the Lochise River. A small fishing fleet used by the Drow has taken over the one of the piers.

Tracks running from the lifts to the mines of Deep Charholme run down the center of each of the 3 main docks. Cranes and other machines of dwarven inventions scatter along the warfs of ship loading area. The entrance into the mines is blocked with a heavy iron bars locked and rusted shut.

Large abandon storage building littler the wharf. Those once used for housing for Dark Elfs refusing to live in Charholme in the first years of occupation stand now only as burned relics from the constant raiding of the dwarfs still living in the caves along the Bastion Range. Although the constant attacks of the early years have died down to nothing more than disorganized raids every few years the risk of living in the wharf buildings was considered to high and was abandoned.

A small single barge dock boarders the Lochise River on the southeast edge. put in place by the dwarfs for traders from the south it is small and out of sight of the main area this landing is the only current way over the river.

The new construction of a bigger landing for larger barges and deployment of the ranks of soldiers across the river to the lands of Grixis to the south and east up river to the rolling plains of Wintok Plains are almost done. Located closer to the main docks of Outer Charholme offers both a easier to defend and clearer access to the barges than the small crossing upriver. The old temporary landing of the past 4 years was washed away from the heavy spring rains and floods finally forcing the building of the long planned dock. Leaving the large barge moored to the docks waiting till it again can be used.

Outer Charholme

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