Born in Menzoberranzan, Omeda does not fit the standard profile of a Drow. A full head and shoulders above most of his brethren he stands out and is easy to recognize.

His large bones and strong muscle structure, add a feeling of menace that keeps him a loaner even in his own squad. His slightly sloping brow give a sinister brute like appearance when up close. Many often miss read Omeda to be slow of body and wit, but his movement up the ranks tells a different story of the true nature of his devious and criminal mind.

Ruthless best describes the methods used in his progression into power. His loathing for the Drow females have been his downfall. Early interactions made leaving his homeland before adulthood a necessity placing him in self exile. On the run he took refuge with many surface races, doing odd jobs as a mercenary for hire. Learning tricks and honing his skills till the time was safe for him to return back to the Drow.

His placement at Charholme came with advancement of rank for a discrete assassination mission of a high ranking officer. The cold murder of a female drow of rank is not something Omeda looses sleep over if it will progress him though the ranks.


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