Old Charholme

Old Charholme is the original diggings of the dwarfs. Run down and never fully repaired after the siege of charholme cracked walls and failing light sources plague this area.

The low arched doorways of the houses enter out onto well worn carved rock streets. Water leaks from cracked pipes form puddles thick with a blue green algae give a stagnate smell of death. Wood doors and glass windows reflect the ever present reddish glow of the light.

Each house is cramped by Elven standards and most Drow have moved to the lower Charholme district. Most all houses here followed a standard design, one main room with an attached cooking area. A heavy wood door closed off a small sleeping room. Each did have a washing area for body and cloths. Carved out of the mountain itself each did have running water as well as radiant heat for cooking. Some areas of the blood district stand abandon as it was felt that rebuilding the damaged structures was a waste of the limited resources.

Although not wide the streets are more than ample for two carts to pass, each ending into round intersections. Some intersections had one or two streets leading off others had many more. Center of each of the intersection is a carved rock column spanning from the floor to the ceiling. Each column carefully fitted with bronze mirrors to reflect the light of the lava pools at its base and channel it further down the streets reflecting off once well polished rock and bronze plates to create ambient light though out the town.

Owners of houses, shops and meeting areas would arrange mirrors into this flow of light to signal the opening and closing of shops. The layout of the city was one of need not of planning. Carved from out of the mountain as it was needed, houses rest next to shops and halls with no center of town or or reason to placement giving the city the feeling of rambling chaos was everywhere

The twisting and decaying tunnels wander and turn often ending in a collapse. Travelers are encouraged to stay near the front tunnels where most of the Inns and Shops are. The great dwarven clock stands century at the tunnel entrance. Being one of the few ways to keep track of the time of day and direction, the haunting hammers of the chimes on each quarter hour bring both a measure of sanity to old Charholme as well as a building uneasiness. Located near the entrance, one only had to wait 15 mins till the next strike to know the direction of the twisting tunnel leading to Outer Charholme.

The shops and many taverns keep a busy business here. As the farthest south ports along the shipping routes traders, merchants and business owners help keep the day to day needs of the town meet. Good food and drink served along with song and entertainment can be found at many taverns. Clothing and basic needs found at adequately stocked shops.

The constant soft Coughs brought on by the hot dry air of the lava can be heard though out the tunnels mixed with occasional muffled screams or the soft thump of impact. As like most towns there is always a need for some of the darker needs of life if one looks hard enough in the blood district it can be found.

Kezmil being one of these type of traders dealing in the “finer and rarer needs” of the town. If you have enough gold or a deep enough need you can probably find it at the Rough Log. Mixed with good food, wine and ale many business dealings ware handled discreetly.

Recently new recruitment posters have begun to appear fastened on the walls as well as in most of the taverns and shops.

Old Charholme

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