Lower Charholme

Lower Charholme is a newly renovated area of the storage cavern of Charholme. Once used for storage waiting shipping, they were enlarged and rebuilt with the feel of a Drow settlement. Limited guarded access provides a secure structure to this area allowing the Drow to relax some as they settle in for the long wait of time so often know by the Drow.

Although still dwarfen in workmanship remodeled shops line the outer edge of the large cavern. Two story housing as well as shops mingle with smaller inns using the roofs as open dining and entertainment areas. The sharp orange light reflected from the magma pools have been filtered though light brown skins giving a more tan or sunset light. Some shops have modified this more by further filtering into a blue purple reminding some of the lights of the Underdark.

Busy streets move with the day to day activites of the inhabitants. Though mostly Drow it is not uncommon to find Halfings as well as Goliaths walking the streets. The occasional Gnome and be seen moving in and out working trades and deals with shop owners only to disappear before night.

Now and then a glimps of a spelled dwarf can be seen scurring quickly to do a task firmly embedded in his mind. Steam engines, Cranks and lifts needing constant care draw their will as if feeding a child. Well armored Goliath Guards stand immobile at the lift to the Upper Charholme. Access to the commanders is by invitation only. All others see the recruiting office located just south of the lift.

The Gnarled Leg tavern rests next to the recruiting office and boasts the best ale in Charholme. It can be found filled to near capacity from mid afternoon till closing. Frequented by Drow military as well as the guards and other respectable citizens cheerful laughter as well as friendly banter can be heard.

Gurtak, his wife and two sons own and work The Gnarled Leg good natured and respected by the Drow his business has profited well.

Lower Charholme

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