K'zesh the Bloodbraid

K’zesh is very small, lithe woman, standing in direct contrast to her Vice Captain Omeda, the top of her head coming only to his elbow.

What she lacks in physical size however she makes up for (and more) with speed and agility. Prior to her current honorific title, she held the title of “the Zephyr” and was considered untouchable, especially in unarmed combat.

Her current title was granted to her due to her more recent propensity for taking “trophies” off her victims, many of which are proudly displayed in her office and personal quarters.

K’zesh has made it known that there is only one path to advancement in her squad. If there is a position that you covet, be stronger than someone already in that position, kill them, and bring her proof1. As such, K’zesh’s squad is known for two things, always looking for recruits, and having some of the most brutal, devious, violent and above all martially capable Drow ever collected in one place.

1 This includes herself, and she has an open contract permanently pinned to her wall for a duel to the death, with the winner becoming the Captain of the squad.

K'zesh the Bloodbraid

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