House Orlyth

The house of Orlyth is know above all else for it’s political artisans, women (and men) so skilled in the art of negotiation and social skulduggery that to oppose them in any situation they have decided to put their hands into is considered futile at best, or a death sentence at worst.

The most frequent problem facing this house however has been it’s flow of resources. Political mechanizations require money and when you have your hands in some of the grandest plans to influence the rich and famous of Zeb’hreth those sorts of schemes can be very expensive indeed.

Because of this, Orlyth was forced to pick their battles very carefully, there are a plethora of houses in the society more wealthy then they, and those houses can win battles of status, through the attrition of cash flow.

So the plan for a new house was born, a merger of Orlyth and Barrendar. A new house backed by two strong founding houses, it promises to be a strong, fearsome force in all of it’s facets.

House Orlyth

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