House Barrendar

House Barrendar is one of the wealthiest houses in local Drow society. Several hundred years ago, a younger noble of the house named Rurik came up with the idea that people didn’t want to carry gold around anymore, it was bulky and heavy, and for larger purchases the transfer of gold was bothersome. He devised that for a small handling fee, he could keep a persons gold in his vaults, and in return offer them a paper note of credit. While initial reaction with the populace was poor, businesses immediately loved the idea as it allowed them to keep almost all of their liquid assets off site, and in vaults that are kept secure by people who are trained to do so.

As popularity grew with business, it also began to grow with common Drow. The more popular the idea became, the more customers the Barrendar house had, and the more vault space they had to aquire. It is said that the wealth within the Barrendar vaults in Zeb’hreth can easily shame a wealthy dragon.

Due to the neutral position Barrendar had to take to allow ALL of it customers peace of mind, the house has never been seen inside political circles, and remains neutral in socio-political arenas.

However, with the upcoming creation of house Orlydar it is suspected that the new house will be a force to be reckoned with in both political as well as financial circles.

House Barrendar

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