Political territory of Ravincia

Lands south of Ackurous ending south at the Raspian Sea bordered on the east by Halkon.

The northern boarder of Grixis has certainly never been set in stone. It has, in fact, been generally accepted that Ackurous ends at the point where human settlers refuse to colonize further south into the undead infested wasteland. Likewise, Grixis ends where the necromancers and Lich Lords refuse to push further north for lack of raw materials and fear of organized retaliation against them.

Southern Grixis is known to be quite tropical in nature, but certainly the BAD kind of tropical. Jungles, mires and even desert dust bowls litter the landscape, and black sludge oozes from wounds in the land. Everything about this land is unforgiving, from the jagged mountain peaks, to the dreary swamps of the Toadskull Downs.

Although Grixis is made up of many different feudal households, most people in Ravincia see it as a single political entity. The reasons for this are twofold;

1. Although fighting is almost non-existent between the households, as the houses trade “favors” and pieces of territory back and forth, it is not uncommon for some borders to be redrawn daily.

2. The households maintain a single diplomat to handle issues that arise with kingdoms and territories external to their own system of favors, deals and respect. In recent years this position is held by Gwaffa Hazid.

Other noted locations within Grixis.

The Boneyard


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