Charholme is a Drow occupied smaller town built originally by the dwarfs as a deep mining town on the west coast of Ravincia. It was occupied by the Drow after The Siege of Charholme

Over the past 30 years, the Dwarfs have sent occasional but determined warbands to take back Charholme, their efforts were largely ineffectual due mainly to the fact that the former residents were a small, isolated community. These refugees of Charholme have an intense hatred of the Drow, due only in part to their removal from their home, but mostly due to the fact that the Drow still keep many of the dwarfs there, alive and living as slaves, enthralled by magic to work the many lifts and other dwarfish machinery that has been left behind.

Charholme gets it’s name from the large amount of passive volcanic activity in the region. Harnessed and used though out the town giving it a reddish glowing hue to everything within. Skillful use of crisscrossing pools of magma flow though out the city being reflected down long tunnels and roads by great polished bronze mirrors fashioned long ago by dwarven craftsmen puts the city in perpetual light.

The dwarfish architecture, small cramped quarters and hot dry air of Charholme make life for the Drow uncomfortable. Many Drow dislike living in Charholme due to the fact that it does not have the feel of a Drow city. Early efforts made to make it more comfortable ended up just being a “painted over” fix, not a Drow feel. Leaving many Drow wanting to get back home as soon as possible.

Broken into five areas consisting of:

Outer Charholme the docks

Old Charholme the blood district

Upper Charholme military command

Lower Charholme drow living

Deep Charholme the mines


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