Chapter 2

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She loped easily along the moonlit sands of the Lochise River, slipping though the underbrush, jumping logs and ducking under branches never breaking stride or slowing. The constant nightly drown of chirps and clicks never faltered as she made her way west along the fast moving waters.

The soft breathing in time with her strides showed the seasoned fitness of many years of long distance travel. Her razor sharp claws dug deep into the soft damp sand. Her yellow eyes amplified the moonlight giving her perfect night vision. Her slender flexible body twisted and counterbalanced as she leaped logs and climbed rocks along the way. Her pricked ears focused intently forwards listening for any sounds of danger laying in her path.

The wisps of fog floated along the river in small ribbons hovering from inches to feet above the fast moving waters. Working their wispy threads up the river from the Raspian Sea they slipped in and out of the underbrush being constantly reformed by the gentle breeze created by the river. Thick at times, blocking all but a few feet of vision only to open up into air totally free of the dense clouds. It was early spring and the warmth of the day was still not warm enough to remove the deep chill of the night forming night fogs.

The snapping sound of a twig being broken in the distance slowed her pace. She flicked her ears to the south searching for the source of the sound. She broke to a trot and slipped out of sight into the dense brush. She knew she was getting close. The smell of salty air and the scent of Drow left on the ground from a few days told her so.

The Drow leaned against the tree along the well worn road to the river crossing. The dark well worn leather traveling gear made him blend into the trunk of the tree. His officers cape hung lazily over a nearby tree branch as a diversion, lest unwanted guests wander up the road. Standing still he would have easily been unseen in the dark by those traveling the road to Charholme’s river crossing.

She stopped and searched. She could smell him, he was close. She sat back an raised her self up taking on a more human form. Smoothing down her hair and using her long razor claws to comb out her hair. She stood for a little while taking in the noises, searching for the faint sound of heart beats. There was one as she expected but she wanted to be sure. Although a fight with this one should be little challenge for her she was naturally cautious. She circled round the area checking, listening sniffing the air.

Satisfied she circled round and moved up the road out of sight of the Drow. She knew where he was. She had the advantage. It should not be a bloody encounter but one always had to take precautions.

She walked down the path upright with graceful cat like movements. She stopped and turned as she was across from him.

Phyrra?” came the question from the tree. He moved slightly away and turned to face the figure on the road.

“Yes.” She answered. Her senses on high alert for any other signs of life in the area but she sensed none.

“Plans have gone well. Things are in place we waiting only for the right time. It should be soon as the training continues.” He stated calmly. “Tell Malice that it will look like a training accident.”

“Malice does not care if it looks like an accident, just make sure it gets done.” she stated.

“Here is the items you asked for.” He offered Phyrra a small leather sack. She took it and found it to have more weight than she had figured.

She looked at the bag then back at the Drow.

“There were two. We were not sure what one was real or if both were.” He answered. “We do not have the means to test them so figured better safe and send both.”

She nodded with understanding. There would be almost no way he could have tested the crystals in the field. Since she had kept him in the dark as to their true purpose, he really had no idea what it was he was looking at in the small purple gems. She was pleased inside knowing that both were pure and the surprise of two being found was a rare twist of luck.

She handed him a leather document package as well as a small well filled coin purse. She took an additional small clear gem out of her vest and handed it to him.

“Personal reward for a job well done.” She told him.

He took the clear sparkling stone and a small smile formed. “Thank you.” he said softly with his eyes never leaving the gem.

She turned and headed down the road away from the river slipping into the dense brush as soon as she was sure she was out of sight. She doubled back to watched. He headed back down the road towards the barge never altering his path or looking back. She followed and watched till he disappeared into the darkness as the barge carried him north across the river.

She slowly herself to the river and drank. As she did she slowly allowed her body to take on once again the more cat like features. She turned and started her effortless lope down along the road away from Charholme. She would make it into Grixis by morning and camp by midday.

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Chapter 2

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