Chapter 1

The afternoon was filling up fast with a list of what still needed to be done. The mass of paperwork that needed to be verified and finalized was crushing these days. She turned and checked the time. There would not be enough to get what needed to be done and meet with both her appointments. The delay of last week was starting to catch up on the plans.

Damn him she thought. Useless at quick actions, Captain An’Tek’s choice to double check the disturbance to the south had cost them time. His deep concern for accuracy of facts was starting to get old. If he had just allowed action this would have been taken care of already. His unwillingness to send the newest recruits out due to them needing more time was debatable.

She did agree that the loss of them would put a strain on the low manned force of Charholme and if they really did stumble into something big they probably would not be able to escape. He was right it would also give away the element of surprise, but time was in very short supply.

She reminded herself as she had been told so many times, “Time, is always on our side. We are nowhere near as vulnerable to the churn of years as the other races. Hasty mistakes are unnecessary, new opportunities will present themselves.”

She wanted it now. It would be of value to her if she was able to bring Central Command news of something big. She needed something to help get her out of this hell hole known as Charholme. She needed something to use as an excuse to get back to Zeb’hreth so she could make contact with some old allies.

The quick read of the reports from the south boarder seemed to be more a lazy note not really a report. This type of sloppy work was starting to riddle the scouts and messengers in her opinion or it was a direct effort to keep her in the dark of the real news. Something she had always had to be watchful of.

It had happened before. 15 years ago it took the slaughter of half of her sub officers to finally uncover the plot to overthrow her senior and herself in the summer camp of Teechee along the Miland Straights. She had a feeling but could not prove it so she put to work her knife and found what she was looking for. She had learned young. One night she over heard concerns of dealings like this from her father she was young. He left one morning to go check on a lead of a once trusted family friend never to return again. She swore never to trust anyone from that day on.

Well Omeda had proven himself a great use so far, ruthless and quick to react she like that in him. She was sure he would find the info she needed. She had planned on getting that tonight but as the evening grew closer she knew it would have to wait till morning as she had more important things to do tonight.

Zyrah” she called into the outer hall.

A young Drow briskly entered the room. “Yes Captain K’zesh” Zyrah answered quickly.

“I have a little project for you tonight.” K’zesh said watching the messengers eyes closely. She saw what she wanted as the spark of excitement and determination glinted for a second. She like this messenger sent to her by central command. She was ambitious and quick. Loyal and yet driven for personal gain.

“Tonight sometime Omeda will be arriving home. Intercept him before he gets to the Gnarled Leg and give him the message I will not be able to meet him tonight. Have him meet me in the morning as I have something else I must attend to.”

Zyrah nodded. “Anything else?”

“No, he will know what it is about. He will have what he was sent to retrieve or he will not have returned” She thought. “Wait all night if you have to, do not miss him. I need to know for sure if he made it back.”

“Leave a note here on my desk when you have finished.”

Zyrah nodded, turned and disappeared down the hall.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

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