An’tek is a Captain in the Drow Military stationed in Charholme, he is the single highest ranking male officer and his focus is the recruitment and training of new war parties.

Captain An’tek has served his lengthy military carreer with unexceptional distinction. While no one event in his tenure is noteworthy, it should be noted that he has served the Drow faithfully, honestly and with fervor every day of his service. An’Tek is a man of much patience and plesant personality, however he does well balancing the idea that recruits need time to grow and mature with the fact that softness in an intructor kills recruits.

Captain An’Tek is very well thought of in Charholme, his calm demeanor has earned him many friends in the lower and old sections of Charholme. The denizens there have found an appreciation for him since he does not see them as “lesser” races.

An’Tek and K’zesh the Bloodbraid have never seen eye to eye, and the latter is constantly in competition with Captain An’Tek, even though he has never cared enough to be competitive in return.

His immediate superior officer is Vice-Commander Rakka Mar.


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