Tag: territory


  • Grixis

    Political territory of [[Ravincia]] Lands south of [[Ackurous]] ending south at the [[Raspian Sea | Raspian Sea]] bordered on the east by [[Halkon]]. The northern boarder of Grixis has certainly never been set in stone. It has, in fact, been …

  • Ackurous

    Territory of [[Ravincia]] Area spanning from a few hundred miles south of [[Lochise River]] all the way north to the [[The Frozen Wilds]] and east to [[Tremors Deep]]. Other noted locations within Ackurous. [[Ballard Lake]]

  • Tremors deep

    Territory of [[Ravincia]] Lands east of [[Ackurous]] running north to [[The Frozen Wilds]] and south to [[Halkon]] bordered on the east side by the [[Miland Straights]].*

  • Halkon

    Territory located in the South East region of [[Ravincia]]. Boarded on the west by [[Grixis]] and the [[Razorback Ridge]] and the [[Miland Straights]] on the east. It runs south from the eastern end of the [[Lochise River]] all the way south to the [[ …

  • The Frozen Wilds

    Territory of [[Ravincia]] Sold permafrost lands North of [[Ackurous | Ackurous]] ending in frozen north sea of endless ice. Temperatures and terrain make it impassible and mostly unexplored. Little value.