Underdark Nights

The Watcher

The storm was almost over. The winds although unpleasant had calmed to a level that travel once again was an option. The darkening of nightfall was quickly flooding the already dark stormy skies. I sat at the edge of the windy rock ledge and looked far down over the vast lands of Ravincia. The rugged beauty of nature mixed with the cataclysmic disasters of the past covered the land in a surreal balance.

Little of the history of the lands did the current inhabitance know or understand. The battles of the days when Lolth walked freely still scar the lands if one knows where to look. The power struggles and turmoil of the gods of those times have left many a secret buried here waiting only for a trigger.

Eilstraee and Vhaeraun left seeds of their callings scattered throughout the woodlands and deep in the minds of many of the habitants. The tainted swamps once touched by Ghaundadaur still belch forth some of the old magic’s left. Time has both weakened and spread these tainted powers. Weak almost non existence threads run deep pooling into more power when mixed with other wandering threads. Some pools of power strong, others just barely alive gasping the last breaths of existence.

As darkness finally overtook the light I settled down for my last night in the open wandering free, a journey I enjoy fully. Tomorrow I would reach the hidden watch tower of time. Here I was assigned again to watch over this land and document the progress of life and battle.

It had been a long time since I had watched from the Ravincia tower and I wondered what events of concern were about to happen for me once again to be assigned here and for how long.

Entry from the Journal of Darklance


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