Half Drow Ranger and propriitor of the Rough Log in the Charholme Blood Quarter


Kezmil is said to be half Drow and half human. While he does not openly state as much, he is very clearly of mixed heritage. Dark in complexion he appears to be in his late 30’s if his age were to be judged by human standards. The only thing really known about Kezmil is he was working as a scout on the original siege of Charholme.

Kezmil worked as a scouting guide under contract for the Drow as they made the winter assault over The Bastion Stair. He earned respect from the command after warding off a major disaster unseen by the Drow hunters and showing a rare knowlage of the region, even by Drow intelligence standards.

After the takeover he disappeared, returning by sea close to 25 years later not looking a day older. Upon his return, he purchased the Rough Log from the previous owner, paying not in promisary notes or credit but in crates filled with gold bars. He is frequently “away on business” from the Rough Log, popular speculation is that he is keeping with his underworld contacts, or pirating the high seas. Kezmil has laughed off both of these rumors as the products of fertile imaginations.


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