The adventure begins.

Underdark Nights has quite a bit written about it already.

The best place to start is with the Story.


Once you’ve read that you may want to follow the links to major areas like Charholme, Ravincia, Ackurous and Grixis and get to know the towns and lands a little.

Then take a peruse of the Map it will show you how the different areas fit together.

Then hit the Wiki Main Page for more categories and links.

Once your a pro, feel free to navigate over to the List of all the pages in the Wiki you may find a page or two there that you previously missed with some hidden details you may want to know.

Last talk to Justin about starting your character profile and get ready for gaming.

Players – Please fill out players build sheets located here players These will be used for basic information about your characters for storyline and base history of your avatar.

Underdark Nights

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